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AirMotion was invented and developed
utilising sports technology. taking stress
away from the hair when brushing

(n.) healthy, shiny, gorgeous looking hair

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Q&A with Lily Rice, Founder & Designer of Lexie Sport


1. How was Lexie Sport born?
Lexie was really born out of a frustration at not being able to find the type of clothes I wanted to wear to workout in. I hated the way the big brands spoke to women and the amount of pink on offer! Having finished my degree in Performance Sportswear Design and worked in the industry, I was keen to launch a different kind of brand and was lucky enough to get backing from Richard Reed of Innocent Smoothies. Lexie launched in August 2013 and we’ve just released our 3rd collection.

2. Why do you think great sportswear is essential for the best work-out?
I really believe that feeling confident in how you look helps a work out. The number one reason women and girls drop out of sport is because they hate the way they look when participating. Plus you’ll be amazed at the difference some clever solutions make, like our mesh backs that allow your body to breathe and careful colour choices to help avoid sweat patches!

3. What is your top tip for keeping fit hair both in and out of the studio?
I think in the gym it’s a case of choosing a really quick and clever style that keeps your hair out of your face. I love to braid my hair as I think it can look cute when it becomes a bit undone! Outside the studio it’s definitely a combination of looking after your health and using great hair products like the AirMotion Pro.

4. What are your favourite up-do’s for workouts?
I’ve recently learnt how to fishtail braid so I’m obsessed with that and our latest collection actually had the model with tiny braids, braided into a bigger plait. My hair is shorter so I tend to go for milk maid braids that i can pin into a bun!

Fashion forward and aesthetically led, Lexie is the British sportswear brand
for women who are on-track and on-trend.
Creating fresh, edgy and smart designs that
remain performance enhancing every time.

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