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L is for Ladybird

Name:L is for Ladybird


Subject: Hair, Fashion and Beauty


  1. What gave you the inspiration to start L is for Ladybird?

I was actually really nervous to start my blog, and for the reaction I would receive when I told my family and friends about it, which seems crazy now as it’s such a huge part of my life and something which I share with absolutely anyone who will listen. It’s even something which I boast about on my CV, much to the appraisal of potential employers. I started L is for Ladybird after observing the beauty and fashion community from the sideline. Having watched Youtube videos for years, and discovering blogs shortly after, I just wanted to put my little stamp on it. It took me a good few months of dancing around the subject before I actually took the plunge, and now, almost three years on, I can’t believe I was so hesitant.


  1. What is your favourite feature of the AirMotion brush?

It’s hard to pick just one, but I think I’d have to go for the fact that the brush can be used wet or dry. It’s great for when you’re having a pamper session in the bath and want to brush a hair mask through to ensure your hair is coated. It also dries out super quickly so you can use it once you’ve dried your hair too.





  1. What are your go-to tips and styles for beautiful Spring-ready hair?

For me, winter weather definitely takes its toll on my hair. It can really leave it dry and damaged, particularly at the ends, so I like to have a good trim once spring arrives and then treat my hair to a good hair mask every week. During the spring, I try to keep heat styling tools to a minimum and so I love to plait my hair and let it have a well earned rest after being blown into oblivion during winter. Plaits leave really pretty beachy waves if done when wet and then left to dry. Or if you fancy keeping the plaits in, I am no stranger to a pretty crown braid, kept loose and messy. I love boho style during the sunnier months.


  1. What is your favourite aspect of the blogging community and what are your fondest memories?

This one is easy for me; it’s the relationships you build, with both bloggers and brands. I have made some of the greatest friends through blogging and the best part is that because you might have been reading someone’s blog for years, it feels like you go way back. In terms of fondest memories, there is one person that springs to mind, and that’s Jane ( I feel so fortunate to have met this girl, and every time we meet up, I have the best time, whether that’s forcing her into dying her hair stupidly bright colours with me, or dancing into the silly hours of the morning with her on her birthday night out. I feel like I’m running a ‘vote Jane for president’ campaign or something now so I’ll pack it in, but blogging has brought me the best friend in that one.


  1. Describe your haircare rescue remedy after a big night out at university…

Conditioner. Lots of it. If you’re full of energy upon your return home in the early hours, slap it on then and wrap your head in cling film to keep heat in before going to bed and washing it out in the morning (or afternoon, depending on when you wake up) or failing that, it can wait till the next day.

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