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Featured Vlogger Review

Jemima Lou

See what this popular YouTube vlogger has to say about AirMotion during her October Favourites 2014 Video

Reviews and Quotes

Purple Tulips

Well, what can I say about this brush…. It is AWESOME!! really! It really is. The only way I can describe this brush is, It feels like it isn’t brushing your hair, but obviously it is. It leaves my hair feeling so smooth.


Quite a Looker

“After a week I noticed that not a lot of hair has fallen out and stayed in the brush, contrary to my previous ones, which I had to clean up every other day. So the brush definitely has a positive effect on my hair! I recommend the brush to everyone, who has had a hard time finding the right way to treat her hair and wants to start taking proper care of it! Plus, it has a great design and would be impossible to break! “


One Little Vice

The Air Motion Hairbrush is the perfect crossover between a “classic” brush and the new wave of rubber and plastic brushes that work on damp and dry hair alike. Overall, I think that it’s a great hairbrush that’s very much worth it’s price tag.


Tea Party Beauty

“AirMotion voted TOP 5 products in Tea Party Beauty’s February favourites! Note the theme here with all of the reviews: AirMotion redefines brushing….developed specifically to reduce daily wear and tear on your hair. No pulling. No Snapping….The only stress free solution to haircare”


We Were Raised by Wolves

Quote of the century? “If Audi made hair brushes, I have a feeling they would have made the AirMotion Pro’’ courtesy of Evelyn We Were Raised by Wolves


The Londoner

“Airmotion Hairbrush- A complete lifesaver! So much better than a tangle teaser, glides through hair undoing knots, without breaking or distressing your hair. Simply brilliant.”


Cherry Sue Doin the Do

“The AirMotion Pro Brush – Are You Ready For Love?”

Cherry Sue Doin the Do

Fizzy Peaches

“This brush is lightweight for easy styling and has contour sensitive hair science to suit all hair types and style effortlessly.”

Fizzy Peaches

Miss Holly

“I have no faults about this hair brush; I absolutely love it and will be picking up another one of these.”

Miss Holly

L is for Ladybird

“I have never been particularly loyal to any of the hairbrushes I’ve owned but when the AirMotion Pro arrived at my door, all that changed. “

L is for Ladybird

Natural Belle

“A great bit of kit to have in the battle of bath time!

 “The AirMotion Pro is like some kind of science that Nasa could of thought up!

 “It really does smooth the hair, and I didn’t hear a peep out of my daughter. No Tears. NONE.

 “This is quite possibly the best brush on earth!


Sweet Electric

“It glides through the hair, helping the smooth and reduce tangles.

 “Even on knotted hair, it quickly brushes through and untangles.


Miss Makeup Magpie

“The handle has a rubberised coating which is a blessing as it provides a good amount of grip, especially when using it in the shower as it doesn’t slip and slide out of my hands even when they’re wet.

 “Whenever I use this brush, I’m always so surprised by how gentle it is.. I never feel the hairs being tugged at the roots when detangling knots, so I really can vouch for the ‘airshock’ technology.

 “The AirMotion Pro Hairbrush detangles my hair quickly and gently, and leaves my hair feeling soft


Beauty Queen UK

“Such a good price for a product that is such good quality, gentle on my hair and one which actually feels like it is brushing all of my hair


Beauty Balm

“I’m loving my AirMotion. The best brush ever!”

“My new favourite hairbrush – my hair has never looked so good!”


A Little Obsessed

I’ve also been loving the Airmotion Hair Brush to untangle my hair both whilst wet and dry.”


The Salon Mag

“… it smoothes and straightens while reducing wear and tear”


Who Can Cut It

“the fact it’s very lightweight means it’s perfect for your handbag and is great for creating updo’s as well as leaving long locks smooth and sleek”


Kerry Just Beauty

“…what gives this the edge is the fact it has a handle and I know it may not sound like much but I can brush through my hair a lot easier because I can get a better grip”


Unloved Button

“a product that is such good quality, gentle on my hair and one which actually feels like it is brushing all of my hair”


Seriously Shallow

“Its pretty hi-tech and uses a unique de-knotting bristle configuration, combined with all sorts of er-gonomic technology.”


Sloan Magazine

“The girls at SLOAN! Magazine have been raving about the AirMotion hairbrush ever since they tried it. It gets through tough tangles with ease, gliding through the hair like a hot knife through butter. “


Love Beauty Spa

“It sounds really sad, but I have fallen in love with this hairbrush.”


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